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Our Philosophy

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Our Philosophy is to provide patients with forward thinking, modern dental care in order to aid in improving their oral and general health and wellbeing.

Cote Royd Dental team looks use up to date and innovative materials, techniques and technology combined with an understanding of holistic and allopathic treatment options in a clean, relaxed and friendly environment.

Cote Royd Meet The Team
The Cote Royd Dental Practice Team provide a comprehensive range of high quality treatments to ensure you receive the very best in dental care.

Available Treatments:

Mercury Free, Mercury Safe Dentistry

Orthodontics without Extraction

Sedation for Nervous Patients

Modern Homeopathic Remedies
One Visit Crowns
Tooth Straightening (any age)
Cosmetic Dental Care
TMJ & Whiplash Injuries
Bacterial Microscopic Examinations
Metal Free Crowns

Biocompatible Dental Materials
Tooth Whitening

PRGF Regeneration
Nutritional Advice
Tooth and Meridian Connection
Advanced Gum Disease Treatments
Child Preventative Care
Pain Free Anaesthetics
Sleep Apnea testing & Appliances
Laser Treatments

Ceramic & Titanium Implants

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