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Treatment Planning

After you have booked in for an initial consultation with one of our dentists they will send you a comprehensive treatment plan along with costings and what course of treatment they would recommend.

If you have any questions about our courses of treatment from materials we use to the protocol we follow please email and one of our team will be happy to give you a more details breakdown.

Alternatively you can book a phone call from one of our team by calling 01484 514451 and asking to speak with one of your treatment coordinators.

  • The initial consultation will provide you with a written report with a full range of treatments and costings.
  • After a thorough clinical examination, the dentist will describe the treatment that he or she recommends, create an estimate of its cost and any alternatives that are available.
  • Any relevant benefits and risks will be discussed. Where appropriate, the dentist will use photographs and other visual aids to help explain the treatment.
  • Please do not hesitate to ask questions – we want to be sure that you fully understand and agree with the proposed treatment. The dentist can give you some information to take home, if you’re unsure of any aspect of the treatment.
  • Most treatment is usually necessary to remove disease. To maintain oral health, you need to follow the advice your dentist or hygienist may give you relating to your treatments.
  • Home care plays a major role in preventing further problems and that in turn will help you keep an attractive smile, eat in full comfort and should minimise the need for future treatment. If you do not understand your part in your care, please ask for an explanation.
  • A written estimate and treatment plan will be provided for all treatment including dental hygienist appointments.

Membership Plans

We offer a wide variety of different treatment plans to best accommodate your needs.
The 4 different plans we have in place are called:

  • Cote Royd Childs Plan
  • Cote Royd Plan Light
Cote Royd Practice Plan
  • Cote Royd Practice Plan Plus

Each offer different types of treatment and entitle you to discounts on specific treatments and stock.

After your initial consolation with our team of Hygienists they will happy sit down with you and explain the benefits of each one and help work out the best plan for your dental health needs.

Childs Plan Under 18s Cote Royd Practice Plan Light
£7.50 per month £10.00 per month
2 Routine Examinations per year 2 Routine Examinations per year
2 Hygiene Visits per year Hygiene not included
Cote Royd Practice Plan Cote Royd Practice Plan Plus
£16.50 per month £25.50 per month
2 Routine Examinations per year 2 Routine Examinations per year
2 Hygiene Visits per year 4 Hygiene Visits per year

Other Benefits Include

  • Up to 20% off Selected Treatments & Stock
  • Dental Insurance
  • Emergency Callout Insurance
  • Worldwide Dental Trauma Insurance

Please note these prices are intended as a guide only and subject to change.

*Membership entitles patients to two free check-up appointments and up to 60–120 minutes of hygiene visits in a 12 month period

Price Guides

Initial Consultations
New Patients Holistic Consultation – 45 mins £150 N/A
Dr Roberts – Children – 15 mins £50 N/A
Initial Hygienist – 45 mins £88.50 N/A
Regular Examinations
Adults £40 FREE*
Children £20 FREE*
Hygienist Appointments
15 mins £30 FREE*
30 mins £60 FREE*
Digital X-Rays
Bite Wings £15 FREE*
CBCT £180 £144
Fillings for Adults and Children
Composites – Small from £75 £60
Composites – Medium from £140 £112
Composites – Large from £160 £128
Root Fillings
Incisors/Canine from £340 £272
Premolar from £390 £316.80
Molar from £575 £460.80
Crowns & Inlays
per tooth from £540 £432.80
per tooth from £450 £390
per unit (normally 3) from £594 x 3 £475.20 x 3
Acrylic from £590 £472
Metal from £700 £540
Biocompatible POA POA
Gum Shields, Adults and Children
Coloured or Multi from £45 £36
Tooth Whitening
Upper & Lower Whitening Trays with White from £350 £280
Airflow & Whitening Strips from £50 £40
per tooth from £175 £140
PRGF (Plasma Rich Growth Factor) from £150 £120
Adult £90 FREE*
Sleep Examination
Sleep Assessment & Consolation £75 £60
BTI & ResMed Sleep Testing £200 £160
Sleep Appliances from £400 £320
Buteyko Breathing
£50 N/A
Emergency Appointments
Broken Tooth / Infections / Etc. £50 FREE* (may be a charge for antibiotics)
Titanium from £1800 N/A
Ceramic from £2500 N/A
Damon From £750 per Arch
Smilelign (invisible braces) From £750 per Arch
Failed Appointment Fees
Failure to Attend and Short Notice (less than 48 hours notice) £50ph £25ph