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Best Dentistry is No Dentistry; holistic dental examination
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General Dental Care

General Dental Care General Dental Care General Dental Care


"The best dentistry is no dentistry" however sometimes it is necessary to intervene in order to secure long term the oral health of the patient.

What to expect

Cote Royd Dental Examination.

Discussion of dental issues to include dental cavities, dental infections, cavitations, oral hygiene (referral to the hygienist where appropriate), bite problems and mercury issues.

Discussion of health issues associated with dentistry and dental treatments.

A complete diagnosis and treatment plan (options included) will be provided for the patient prior to commencing of the dental treatment.

Safe, biocompatible treatments, using the latest technology available. The majority of the treatments are carried out under high magnification using loupes or a surgical microscope.

We are a Mercury and Latex free practice, so even the rubber dam sheet and the anesthetics used are non latex

We are proud to use the YSGG 5th generation laser IPlus Bio-lase and diode laser for some of our dental procedures, providing:

  • No micro-fractures or thermal damage
  • No cross contamination as with bur
  • More precise, minimally invasive

30 minute Laser Whitening - ezlase is an ideal teeth-whitening tool. A full-mouth, in-house whitening can be performed in only 30 minutes, faster than any other in-house whitening system.

Fillings not containing bisGMA, for patients which are concerned about the health risks.

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