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Dental Examinations Huddersfield, treatment for dental needs
TEL: 01484 514451

Dental Examinations

Dental Examinations Dental Examinations Dental Examinations


Cote Royd Dental Examination

We believe this is the minimum examination necessary for every patient attending the practice.

  • There are many different dental treatments available here at Cote Royd Dental Practice. We aim to find the treatment that is best suited to you and your dental needs.
  • Please read through the menu of dental examinations and decide on what style of care suits your dental needs, this can be altered at a later date.
  • Our goal is to discuss your requirements, concerns and assess your dental condition. To show and educate you on any dental conditions you may have, and explain how they may be affecting you and your overall health.
  • There are comprehensive personal medical and dental history forms prior to your appointment. Please can you email them both to the address at the bottom of the page so we can read them prior to your dental appointment therefore maximising your time booked with us. Download Medical History Form from the Additional Resources to the right of this page .  Please note, there may be additional forms required to fill in which are relevant to the examination you require.
  • We will give you a provisional diagnosis with treatment options and costing to help you make the appropriate treatment choices. Additional examinations and tests may be recommended, depending on the complexity of your treatment needs after the initial consultation. We will look to customise each diagnosis and treatment plan to your particular dental health care.
  • Information sheets about most of the treatments are available for current patients; please ask for relevant copies at reception.

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Cote Royd Dental Examination

At Cote Royd Dental Practice a provisional diagnosis if possible is made at your consultation.

What to expect:

Jaw Joint and Muscles of the Jaw - we check and report on:

  • Opening and closing (should be 45mm plus)
  • Check for deviation and deflection when opening or closing.
  • Clicking or grinding noises in the jaw joint, discomfort or pain in the muscles of the jaw and neck area.
  • Any pain patterns often associated with jaw joint problems.

Dental Examinations Dental Examinations Dental Examinations


Extra oral soft tissues - we check and report on:

  • Quality of skin and skin lesions on the face, neck and lips
  • Palpate the lymph nodes head and neck regions
  • Palpate the lips, cheek and muscles of neck

Dental Examinations Dental Examinations Dental Examinations


Intra oral soft tissues - we check and report on:

  • Quality of the mucosa of lips, cheek and tongue
  • Examine the salivary glands in the cheek
  • Examine and palpate the tongue top, sides and underneath
  • Examine the floor of the mouth and salivary glands
  • Oral Cancer Check - view information


Health of the gums - we check and report on:

  • Condition of the gingival (gum) and the bone surrounding the teeth
  • Record areas of gum recession
  • Record areas where the gums are bleeding and swollen
  • Check the condition of the areas where there are no teeth
  • Do a basic periodontal examination and score your gum health between 0 to 4 (treatment needs are based on this score)
  • This is a minimum legal requirements for all gum health examinations and is done at every dental examination.

Dental Examinations Dental Examinations Dental Examinations


Condition of the teeth - we check and report on

  • Teeth present and the fillings, crowns, bridges, implants and dentures present
  • Condition of the fillings and other dental work present
  • Any obvious areas of decay or broken teeth
  • Any infections associated with the teeth
  • Any wear or erosion of the teeth that is deemed to be excessive (pathologic)- basic occlusal examination.
  • Findings seen on the X-ray and we will shown to the patient and explain

Dental Examinations Dental Examinations Dental Examinations


This is a minimum dental examination from which a diagnosis can be made.

At Cote Royd Dental Practice a provisional diagnosis if possible is made at your consultation. It is modified and refined when further investigations are performed. A diagnosis can change as treatment progress.

Further investigations may be prescribed for the progression to treatment to include:

  • X-rays, small or large
  • Study Models
  • Photographs
  • Microscope examination of teeth if appropriate
  • Microscopic examinations of plaque if appropriate
  • Further questionnaires
  • Nutrition and Blood test
  • 3D Scans

Dental Examinations Dental Examinations Dental Examinations


Consent for all dental treatment is a legal requirement whether given verbally or written down. It is done to make sure you understand the treatment to be undertaken.

Where necessary, written consent forms are read and filled in, explanations given and signed before starting certain treatments. These forms are available at the practice and will be used at the relevant time.

To help you understand treatment options we can email you copies of your x-rays with the associated explanation to decide at home.

Our goal is to provide you with a understanding of what is currently in your mouth, what immediate treatment is necessary and what treatment options are available in the future.

How much will it cost?

Like most services the cost is based on the time required and the difficulty of the procedures involved.

Each person has unique and individualised problems which can be accounted for when determining a course of treatment.

There are guidelines to costs alongside the treatments.

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