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Cosmetic Dental Care Assessment; Holistic Dentist Huddersfield
TEL: 01484 514451

Cosmetic Dental Care

Cosmetic Dental Care Cosmetic Dental Care Cosmetic Dental Care


Cosmetic Dental Assessment

Done over two visits

Suitable for patients who want to know what can be done to improve the appearance of their teeth and their smile. A variety of treatments to be offered include the option for whitening, veneers, crowns and orthodontics.

What to Expect

  • Cote Royd Dental Examination
  • We will report on all aspects of treatment needs, options for other here dental treatment at Cote Royd Dental Practice, or referral to a dental practice of patient’s choice.
  • Discussion of patient expectations
  • Study model and bite registration
  • Photographs of face, teeth and smile
  • X-ray to evaluate individual conditions of teeth to be considered

Review visit required 2 weeks later:

To discuss results of examination, treatment options, time scales costs benefits/complications, short and long term goals. The potential of keeping teeth for life time.

Discussion and treatment options to include:

  • Colour of teeth
  • Shape of teeth
  • Position of teeth                        
  • Gum appearance
  • Wear of teeth and how problems may have occurred
  • Consent

We will follow up your appointment with a written treatment plan that will be sent to you, please look at advanced dental care treatment options.

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