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Anti-Aging Dental Care Assessment; Holistic Dentist Huddersfield
TEL: 01484 514451

Anti-Ageing Dental Care

Anti-Ageing Dental Care Anti-Ageing Dental Care Anti-Ageing Dental Care


Facial Cosmetics and Anti-ageing Assessment

Suitable for people who are looking to accept the ageing process, but are looking to use safe, none toxic skin products and injectable to age gracefully.

We do not look to hide the process of facial ageing but look to improve the appearance of the teeth, smile, skin and face wrinkles to give a healthier natural glow.

What to Expect

  • Cote Royd Dental Examination
  • We will report on all aspects of treatment needs, options for other dental treatment at Cote Royd Dental Practice, and referral to a dental practice of patients choice.
  • Discussion of additional questions and assessment of treatment objectives.
  • Photos of teeth smile face and skin.
  • Information given about procedures and products used in meso therapy and bio regulatory cosmetic process.
  • Consent form given and discussed.
  • Referral to other health cure practitioners for whole body ageing therapies ie. Detox, massage.
  • Information about facial exercises and home care.

2nd visit

  • Discuss result of examination, discussion of diagnosis and outline potential cost and delivery of treatment.
  • Referral to other practitioners if we are unable to meet patients needs.
  • Discussion of home care and home care products.
  • Consent form completed
  • Fitting of myo functional appliances and lip trainers. We cannot endorsed adervisity claims made by the company but it fits the lip trainers have a useful exercise role for facial aesthetics.


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