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Oral Surgery Services Assessment; Holistic Dentist Huddersfield
TEL: 01484 514451

Oral Surgery Services

Oral Surgery Services Oral Surgery Services Oral Surgery Services


Oral Surgery Assessment

Suitable for patients who need oral surgery.

Procedures can be done with or without sedation  to include: extractions, implants, frenectomy, periodontal reshaping.

The additional use of the laser to minimise trauma and promote healing along with homeopathic medicine and nutrition, will be part of treatment we provide to patients who are considering dental implants.

If patients are considering implants the technique of socket presentation and enhanced bone healing, is highly recommended for easier treatment outcomes.

Also suitable for patients wanting teeth removed and sockets cleaned properly infections removed and in certain cases cavitations or NICO lesions treated.

What to Expect

  • Cote Royd Dental Examination
  • We will report on all aspects of treatment needs, options for other dental treatment here at Cote Royd Dental Practice, or referral to a dental practice of patient’s choice.
  • Discussion of health question and reasons for seeking treatment
  • X-rays (1 pan oral planned) or 2 smaller x-ray taken and discussed.
  • Discussion of procedures, information sheets given- x-rays and explanation.
  • Discussion relevant to IV sedation
  • Consent forms discussed and given
  • Photos for records if appropriate

Visit 2

  • Discussion of examination findings, diagnosis and treatment options to deal with resulting gaps and healing etc.
  • Consent forms signed
  • Progression to treatment: make sure enough time has been booked

Referral to appropriate specialist for further assessment or treatment.

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