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Orthodontics Care Assessment; Holistic Dentist Huddersfield
TEL: 01484 514451

Orthodontics Care

Orthodontics Care Orthodontics Care Orthodontics Care


Orthodontic Assessment

Done over two visits £70.00

Suitable for children and adults who would like an opinion on straightening their teeth without extractions (If possible).

Appropriate for people of all ages to improve their appearance of their teeth, their overall facial appearance, and for those seeking help with bite problems which is maybe causing tempro mandibular dysfunction (TMD), head, neck and shoulder problems. Conventional removable, fixed and invisible braces available.

What to Expect

  • Cote Royd Dental Examination
  • Photographs taken of teeth, face and whole body posture
  • Orthodontic questionnaire to be completed and discussed
  • Health and Dental assessment forms discussed
  • Study models taken for teeth alignment and bite analysis
  • Pan oral x-ray if appropriate (include in price)
  • Lateral ceph x-ray if further analysis needed cost (optional)  Cost £60.00
  • 3D x-ray if complex case  (POA)
  • Referral for blood test if patient is concerned about reaction to metals used with orthodontics or has auto immune disease (optional)  (POA)

Please note untreated dental disease (decay), abscesses and gum disease will need to be treated before the start of orthodontic treatment. If braces are to be used we prefer patients not to have further metal fillings.

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