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Snoring Solutions Assessment; Holistic Dentist Huddersfield
TEL: 01484 514451

Snoring Solutions

Snoring Solutions Snoring Solutions Snoring Solutions


Snoring Assessment

Done over 2 visits £70.00

Suitable for patients who snore, which can lead to problems with sleep related breathing disorders.

Treatment looks to prevent or reduce snoring with the additional benefits to include less day time sleepiness, better concentration improvements in moods and happier partners.

We refer patients to specialist clinics if we suspect the more serious obstructive sleep apnoea - this requires urgent medical treatment.

What to Expect

  • Cote Royd Dental Examination
  • We will report on all aspects of treatment needs, options for other dental treatment at Cote Royd Dental Practice, and referral to a dental practice of patient’s choice.
  • No x-ray unless we suspect underlying untreated dental pathology
  • Discussion of specific questionnaires
  • Study models and bite registration
  • Photographs of teeth and face
  • Physical examination - BMI calculation -  Neck size

Where more than just snoring is concerned:

  • Thermal imaging- where appropriate.  Cost from £120.00 and follow up appoinment required
  • Referral for sleep study
  • Referral to specialist if obstruction
  • Sleep apnoea suspected (absolutely necessary and possibly life saving)

Educational material given and information about websites to look at, videos to view at the practice and consent forms to read

Follow up visit

  • Discuss results of examination
  • Options for treatment including choice of appliance costing and treatment time scales. Benefits vs. complications choice and alternative treatments.
  • Impressions and consent forms to proceed with treatment.
  • Consent forms discussed and signed

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