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Holstic Dental Care Consultation; Dental Practice Huddersfield
TEL: 01484 514451

Holistic Dental Care

Holistic Dental Care Holistic Dental Care Holistic Dental Care


Holistic New Patient Consultation

Suitable for patients interested in investigating how dental care can influence their dental and general health.

What to Expect:

2 visits: 45 minutes with Dr John Roberts and an additional second visit for 15 minutes with Dr Roberts or our treatment co-ordinator if required.

  • Cote Royd Dental Examination
  • Discussion of holistic dental issues to include mercury problems, metal issues, testing of all dental materials, dental infections, cavitations and detox issues*
  • Discussion of health issues associated with dentistry and dental treatments*

Additional diagnostic test (if appropriate) to include:

  • X-rays 1 large (panoral) or 2 small digital x-rays and reported on   
  • Further X-rays  Cost From £7.00
  • Thermal imaging of head and neck if appropriate*  From £70.00
  • Photographs of teeth to aid with treatment planning or diagnosis         
  • Study models (discussed at a follow up visit)  From £20.00
  • Detailed treatment plan and cost estimate for treatment necessary
  • Treatment proposals for additional treatment and time planned for discussion if necessary
  • Use of galvanometer if necessary
  • Kinesiology, Ph testing and naturopathic testing*
  • Oral cancer screening                                                  
  • Discount for additional treatment assessments to top up your level of care.
  • Further health and dental assessment forms to discuss correspondence with patients complementary practitioners or referrals to alternative health practitioners if appropriate i.e. Osteopaths.

*  Not part of conventional dental teaching or accepted by Dental Institutions.

**  Partly accepted by several Dental Institutions but not taught at Dental Establishments.

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