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Peridontal Assessment Care; keep teeth, treat gum disease
TEL: 01484 514451

Periodontal Care

Periodontal Care Periodontal Care Periodontal Care


Periodontal Assessment

20 minutes with Dr John Roberts 

Suitable for patients who want to keep their teeth a lifetime, but also concerned that they have gum disease. Assessment to include discussing to what affect this gum disease may be having on their teeth, mouth and importantly their overall general health.

What to Expect:

  • Cote Royd Dental Examination
  • In depth periodontal assessment (BPE + 6 point assessment) and discussion of results
  • Examination of other dental factors related to gum disease, bite, poor fillings, dentures
  • Large x-rays to assess bone levels and severely of any hidden disease
  • Plaque slide sample and discussion of what we see ( educational not diagnostic)
  • Education literature appropriate to condition x-rays observations with explanation emailed to patent if requested
  • Letter to relevant health practitioner  if appropriate
  • Diagnosis
  • Written treatment plan, time scale for treatment, options available and costs
  • Referral to specialist if patient requests
  • Consent discussed and signed

If you would like to go ahead with the periodontal treatment an initial appointment is required with the Hygienist at a cost of £88.50.

Further tests can be done to check for risk factors for periodontal disease; this will improve diagnosis and treatment planning.

To include:

1)  Perio Pruv  - This is the world's first 'Point of Care' test of it's type which can give results in between 5-10 mins. It is a saliva test that detects whether a patient has active periodontal infection. This can be done as a standalone test at the practice without seeing the dentist or hygienist.  Cost £25.00 

This treatment can be done combined with a microbial slide (educational not diagnostic).  Cost £35.00

These tests are done with patients having active treatment from Cote Royd Dental Practice as part of their treatment.

2)  Nutritional testing

  • Urine glucose-test for diabetes           
  • Mouth and urine PH test                               
  • Vitamin C test                                          
  • Blood test for C reaction protein          
  • Vitamin E test                                              
  • Saliva test for stress hormones          

Referral to smoking cessation practitioner at the practice with a 10% discount if you are a patient here.

We will report on all aspects of dental treatment that may be needed. We will give options for the dental treatment to be provided here at Cote Royd Dental Practice, or we will refer you to a practice of your choice.

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