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Why Holistics - Cote Royd Dental Practice Huddersfield

Tel: 01484 514451

Why Holistic?

Mercury Free, Mercury Safe. Whole Body Dentistry. Inflamation. The Silent Killer.

Dr Roberts' education path over the past 30 years has taken him to America and Europe. This has not only meant he has learnt more dental techniques, but he has researched, taught and experienced complimentary health care. He now offers a combination of alternative and conventional health techniques alongside the regular dental care he offers.

This can be as simple as doing a urine glucose test, which tests for diabetes in patients with periodontal disease, to genetic testing to find out which bacteria are present in periodontal disease. He can use nutrition, regulatory medicine and homeopathic remedies to stimulate the body’s own healing potential, thus cutting down the need for drugs.

Thermal imaging (Thermography) is used to visualise pain, areas of infection and inflammation in the dental area. This is an example of medical diagnostic procedures moving from the alternative, to the conventional medical field.

More controversially; he can advise on ways to test a patient who is concerned about the toxic mercury accumulation in their body - the mercury being released from, amongst other sources, their dental amalgams. He can also discuss ways to carefully and safely remove these toxic fillings and advise or refer patients for detox. See

When patients have a certain understanding or belief which is not main stream, he can discuss at a non-dental level the link between the teeth, the dentistry they have had and their overall health.

Disclaimer: At Cote Royd Dental Practice, legally we can only treat conditions linked with the mouth, teeth, head and neck areas. We cannot treat non-dental problems, but we acknowledge that correct dental work will have whole body health benefits. We will explain on an individual basis where dental treatment potentially finishes, but we will work with you to allow a whole body healing experience.

Dr Roberts does not treat everyone as a straight forward dental patient or as someone wanting to experience a very esoteric interpretation of dentistry through, for example, vibration medicine.

Each patient has the right to choose the level of care they wish to experience, John and the practice use his years of experience to meet their treatment needs.

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